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At Fluid Swim, we enjoy keeping up to date with recent swim spa trends, hot topics, etc., and we love to share this quality information with you.

As a leader in the swim spa pools industry, not only do we strive to produce lap swimming pools and swim spas that exceed our customers’ expectations, we also strive to be a leader in sharing cutting edge industry news.

Below you will find categorized articles and information. Contact us today if you want to learn more about something not listed, or you have questions about something we have shared – 800.476.7710.

Fluid Swim Keeps you in Shape All Winter Long

The winter is slowing approaching, which means the excuses to not work out will begin stockpiling around the country. Everyone has been there, exercise through the spring and summer, then slowly but surely stop going as it gets colder out. Seriously, who wants to leave their warm house to go to the gym?

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