The RiverPool® - World Famous Lap Pool by FluidSwim

Here’s what will make your world famous lap pool experience unique:

  • The RiverPool® serves as a multi-functional investment: it provides the versatility to swim at home, perform aqua aerobics, aqua jogging, water exercise, and many other forms of aquatic therapy. And of course, fun and relaxation!
  • The RiverPool® delivers the health benefits of swimming and helps you save time, money and energy when compared to a community pool option
  • The RiverPool®’s small footprint makes it easy to maintain, at a low cost
  • The RiverPool® gives you direct control over the quality and temperature of the water
  • The RiverPool® can be installed into virtually any space, as long as there is a level cement reinforced surface to build upon. You decide the length, width and water depth (up to 6 feet)
  • Since we manufacture the RiverPool® to be more durable, it carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty
indoor lap pool

So what exactly makes the RiverPool® a world famous lap pool? It’s simple - our craftsmanship, which gives the walls extra strength and provides the best swim current possible.

Being a small, family owned and operated company in the Midwest, our focus from day one was to manufacture a first class product that is the most durable on the market and precision engineered to provide the most realistic swimming experience on the market. With the RiverPool® Advantage, you can be certain you are about to get the absolute best value for your dollar.

The image below displays technical detail to illustrate what makes the RiverPool® the most durable lap pool, and how those manufactured advantages result in a better swim current. There are many exercise pools available these days, but few, if any, measure up to the RiverPool® Advantage. In the RiverPool®, you’ll feel like you’re naturally swimming, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

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