Meet Owner & President of Fluid Swim: Dan Hulse

Dan Hulse, owner and operator of Fluid Swim has been an avid endurance enthusiast since he was a teenager. Born and raised in New England, he attended the University of New Hampshire where he played DI soccer. Dan’s endurance training on the field eventually led him to help pace his Head Coach during half of the Boston Marathon his Junior year, and then run it himself the following year. Yet, his stamina did not stop there; he worked as a lifeguard and became a certified WSI (Water Safety Instructor) while also attending school. Dan then gained some coaching experience while in college working with the Special Olympics, and after graduation spent a year as an Assistant Coach with The College of the Holy Cross men’s soccer team. Throughout these years he also discovered his passion for cycling.

It’s no surprise then that once he headed out west his interests collided and he began competing in Ironman Triathlons. His passion for the sport eventually led him to Aqua Lung/US Divers, where he was the National Sales Manager for the brand AquaSphere and built relationships with companies like the World Triathlon Corporation, focusing on managing efforts in the field for the Ironman Co-Brand, as a Licensee and Sponsor of the Ironman Race Series in North America and Hawaii. Along with acting as the professional athlete liaison in the field and at events, while managing the morning Gatorade – AquaSphere Swim daily during Ironman week(s), leading up to race day and ultimately competing at the 2002 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, with a finishing time of 11:46:05.

In 2004, Dan joined Sentry Pool, the manufacturer and parent company of the RiverPool® brand of products. In 2008, his passion for the product encouraged him to start Fluid Swim, the consumer direct sales company for RiverPool® products and the Southern California experts in the industry.

In the meantime, Dan’s racing and endurance hobby kept him physically fit, until one day in 2015 he tragically suffered a Type A aortic dissection and had to have emergency 9.5 hour open heart surgery. He and his family were told there was a 50% chance he would live through the operation. While Dan survived, he suffered three strokes during surgery, had to be put in a medically induced coma afterward for a day and a half, and due to kidney failure was on dialysis for two weeks.

Dan’s road to recovery has been long and hard. He went through extensive rehab just to learn how to walk again. At one point, when he was using a walker and wheelchair for longer distances, he was told, this is probably as good as he’s gonna get. But Dan knew better. He continued to move and strengthen his body through swimming and other exercises. In 2018 he began cycling again, and at the beginning of 2019, he started running with his sights set on getting back to Kona.

The doctors said it was a miracle he survived, never mind, regaining the movement he can do now. They attribute it to the shape he was in before the surgery and the dedication and devotion he put into himself afterward. Dan’s journey continues to fuel his passion for Fluid Swim. He believes in the power of modern medicine, but also the power of the body to heal itself if you take care of it. The key is to keep moving and keep your body strong. Swimming is one of the best ways to do that for people of all ages because it doesn’t put any pressure on your joints, amongst all the many other health benefits it offers. Dan wants to keep people swimming their best life.

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